Prof. L M Patnaik

Research Interests

His most recent research interest since 2015 has been in the areas of Computation and Cognition and Machine Consciousness; in these areas he has been also teaching courses for research students at the   National Institute of Advanced Studies.


  1. Computer Architecture
  2. High Performance Computing
  3. CAD of VLSI Systems
  4. Computational Neuroscience
  5. Mobile Computing
  6. Soft Computing
  7. Real-Time Systems

His training and research activities are entirely indigenously based.

One of his research papers on Adaptive Genetic Algorithms has been cited more than 2300 times by Google Scholar.

 At the Indian Institute of Science, he was responsible for initiating a number of  graduate  courses and research programs during early 1980s in the areas of  computer architecture, parallel computing, VLSI design, distributed computing, soft computing and mobile computing.

Ph.D Theses Completed

  1. Self-Tuning Control of Multivariable and  Hammerstein Nonlinear Systems, (K. Anbumani, Oct 1981)
  2. Design and Performance Analysis of Link-by-Link Congestion Avoidance Algorithm using Multiplexed Traffic for the Internet (Sneha Kiran Thombre, June 2020)  
  3. Garima Mahendru, Novel Spectrum Sensing Techniqe/s in Cognitive Radio Networks, Jan 2020.
  4. Raj Kamal Kapur, Securing MANET Routing Protocols through Nodes’ Authentication Feb 2019.
  5. Shubhra Gautham, Software Reliability Modelling and Optimization Problems , Feb 2019
  6. Efficient Techniques for Link Prediction in Social Networks, Upasana Sharma, 2018
  7. Digital Audio Watermarking Schemes for Copyright Protection (Sunita V Dhavale, Jan 2015).
  8. Uncovered Region Exploration Based Redeployment  Algorithms for Mobile  Wireless Sensor Networks (Manisha J Nene, June 2014).
  9. Testing of Analog Circuits Built in Self Test (B K S L V Varaprasad, July 2007).
  10. Design and Performance Evaluation of Efficient Datamining Algorithms (P. Deepa Shenoy, July 2005, Off-campus Nonformal Research Supervision).
  11. 3D Image Reconstruction Using Optical Phase Retrieval and Cone-beam Tomography (Hemanth T, February 2005).
  12. Perfomance Evaluation of High Compression High Fidelity Progressive Image Coding Algorithms (Vishwanath P Baligar, June 2003).
  13. Genetic Programming based Multicategory Pattern Classification (J.Krishna Kishore, March 2001).
  14. Parallel Tomographic Image Reconstruction on Hierarchical Bus-Based and Extended Hypercube Architectures (K Rajan, July 1997).
  15. Algorithms for Test Generation and Fault Simulation of Path Delay Faults in Logic Circuits (Ananta Kumar Majhi, January 1996).
  16. Evolutionary Approaches to VLSI Channel Routing (B.B. Prahlada Rao, November 1994).
  17. Distributed Logic Simulation: Performance Studies of Event-Driven and Time-First Evaluation Algorithms (S. Sundaram, August 1994).
  18. Genetic Algorithms: Novel Models and Fitness-based Adaptive Disruption Strategies (M. Srinivas, August 1993).
  19. S-Nets: A Tool for the Performance Evaluation of Hard Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms (S. Balaji, April 1993).
  20. Reliability and Performability Analysis of Distributed Memory Multicomputers (Samir.M. Koriem, April 1993).
  21. Escape Mechanism in Bistable Systems Driven by Strongly Correlated Noise (T.G. Venkatesh, Feb 1993).
  22. A Specification Environment for Distributed Real-Time Systems (Rajib Mall, April 1992).
  23. Dynamical and Type 2 Characterization of Ideal Basis Reduction in Symbolic Algebraic Computation (Chandan Haldar, June 1992).
  24. Architecture, Performance and Applications of a Hierarchical Networks of Hypercubes (J.Mohan Kumar, Feb 1992).
  25. Systolic Architectures for Realistic 3-D Graphics (Praxetes Canutes Mathias, Dec 1989).
  26. Diagnostic Reasoning with Surface and Deep Level Knowledge in Medical Domain (S.V.R.K. Prabhakar, Jan 1989).
  27. Concurrency Control Algorithms for Data base Systems Exploiting the Semantics of Read only Transactions (Ramesh Chandra Hansdah, Dec 1988).
  28. Data Flow Implementation of Functional Languages Supporting Fault-Tolerance & Resource Management (R. Govindarajan, Dec 1988).
  29. Formal Tools for Specification Driven Protocol Design of Distributed Computing Systems (V.K. Agrawal, March 1988).
  30. Nondeterminism and Communication in Functional Programming Systems A study in Formal Program Development (Asis K. Goswami Sep 1985).