Prof. L M Patnaik

Session Chair/ Coordinator

 (upto 2010 only)

  • Patron, National Seminar on “Nanomaterials for Devices : Characterization and
  • Application”, jointly by Poona University & DIAT, DU, Pune, 24-26 Jun 2010.
  • Session Chair, International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics and Brain functioning, Feb 5-11, 1998, Bangalore.
  • Moderator, “Can we Build Competitive Architectures for General Purpose  Applications?”, HPC-ASIA’97 Conference, Seoul, Korea, 28 April-2 May 1997.
  • Session Chair, HPC-ASIA’97 Conference, Seoul, Korea, 28 April-2 May 1997.
  • Session Chair, Tenth International Conference on VLSI Systems (VLSI ’97), Hyderabad, India, Jan. ’97.
  • Program Chair, Computer Society of India Annual Convention CSI-96, Oct-Nov 1996, Bangalore.
  • Session Chairman, International Conference on Management of Data, Bangalore, Dec. 1992.
  • Session Chairman, Technical Session on Interconnection Networks, Sixth International Parallel Processing Symposium, Beverly Hills, California, USA, March 23-26, 1992.
  • Session Chair, Twenty Second Annual Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, Boston, USA, July 8-10, 1992.
  • Chairman, Technical Session on Verification, Validation and Testing, International Conference on Software Engineering, October 1991.
  • Session Chairman, IEEE International Conference of Region 10, TENCON’91, August 28-30, 1991, New Delhi.
  • Chairman, Technical Session on Neural Network Architectures, 1991 International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, June 1991, Singapore.
  • Chairman, Session on Distributed Systems/Computer Architecture/Networks, National Conference on Real-Time Systems, Indore, February 1991.
  • Coordinator, The Fourth International Symposium on VLSI Design, New Delhi, January 1991.
  • Coordinator, The Third International Workshop on VLSI Design, Bangalore, January 1990.
  • Coordinator for a Tutorial on Parallel Processing Architectures and Algorithms, Annual Convention of the Computer Society of India, September 1989.
  • Coordinator, National Symposium on Instrumentation, October 1989.